Ted's Journey

Ted started his journey from Portsmouth on the 4 June 2014.  On arriving headed straight to the Town Hall Caen to pick up his passes for Sword, Bayeaux Cemetery and Arromanches.  Immediately after we headed to Dames' Abbey for a presentation.  We met Bob there which was lovely.

On the 5 June we made our way to the Beny sur Mer Cemetery by invitation of the Canadian Embassy.  Ted landed with the Canadians on Juno Beach on D Day and made their way to Beny sur Mer where the first airstrip was built.  Unfortunately Ted's best friend was killed on the 14 June by the first Canadian Spitfire to land and a wreath was laid in his memory.

6 June was a very hectic day, first making our way to Bayeaux Cemetery where Ted laid a wreath on behalf of the Bournemouth Branch.  This was chaotic as no one could lay wreaths until the official ceremony was over.  However, Prince Phillip spoke to Ted unexpectedly as he was not in the selected few to meet the Royal Party. 

We then had a police escort to Sword Beach and again met Bob.  Unfortunately due to the late start we could not make either Arromanches or Juno (Canadian Embassy invited Ted to this one as well).

Saturday proved to be a more relaxed day but still tiring.  Ted had about 1000 photos taken and a few proposals of marriage.  The Mayor of Arromanches gave all the Veterans E100's to spend in the town.

We had the gendarmie staying in the hotel and they presented Ted with a special badge that they had received for taking part in the 70th anniversary.  This was a great honour.

Sunday saw us getting ready for home.  We sailed back to Portsmouth at 9.00 pm on the 8 June.  We have been notified that Ted will receive the Chevalier Legion d'Honneur.  This is a great honour for not only him but for us as a family.

Extra addition from.
  Olivier-Martine Gerardin

I speak little about English

We saw each other to the restaurant to Asnelles.

We are proud to have you to meet.

Your kindness for photos and your smiles affected(touched) us.
We have a profound respect for what your dad made and thank him(it).
We live in Vosges in the east of France.
I am a gendarme and my nurse wife.
I militate for our memory(report) on both wars a lot (WW.1 and WW.2) --Photo of me in Verdun--
We honnorons the memory of general Leclerc
Here are some photos of this unforgettable and memorable
Friendships of the French

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Follow Up
10 July 2014
Presentation and tea with the Mayor today Irene 
spot Ted and Bob

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