D Day Celebrations in Normandy,
68 Anniversary 2012

Story By Ted Young

My daughter and son in law, Paul and Irene took me back for the D Day Celebrations in Normandy, 68 Anniversary.  I visited Juno Beach where I landed with the 3rd Canadians actually on D Day itself.  I was in the Airfield Construction.  We then went on to Beny sur Mer where we built the first landing strip.  A Spitfire was shot down on the 14 June and we were told to run for cover, we all did except my friend Sapper Queen who ran the wrong way and was caught in the propellers.  On D Day we went to the British Cemetery in Bayeux for the service and I actually found, with the help of Irene and Paul, Sapper Queen's grave.  I felt very emotional after 68 years.
 On the afternoon of D Day a special service was held next to the Mulberry Harbour in Arromanche for the Veterans.  It was surprising how many still attended.  I am now looking forward to the 70th Anniversary in two years, when I am told,
we will be given a medal.
 Ted Young

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